Here at Hotels4families we have been trying to cultivate a new attitude in the hotel industry. Nick and Andrew having spent years working for the largest hotel chains decided their needed to be a new way of thinking towards kids and have now embarked on a search to find hotels that “don’t allow children but welcome them” instead.

But we know the attitudes of the penny pinching financial operators won’t change overnight, but if we start here and now with this campaign, and this website, we might get them to sit up and take notice. Because were all fed up of arriving at hotels to see the family room doesn’t even have a bed for our child, or enough room to put in the travel cot. And why should we have to wait until 7pm to have our dinner or 3pm for our children to go have a swim in the pool?

We are hoping to build a comprehensive listing of UK hotels that offer family rooms and family friendly services that people trust and are happy to take the children. We are also trying to create best practice guidelines for hotels that want to offer more to families but aren’t sure how to.

Leave a comment on any of our blog entries or right here, or send me an e-mail if you want to find out more about our campaign, report a hotel for our BLACK list, or send a recommendation of a hotel that went above and beyond in the name of your whole family.


… busy making family holidays in the UK cool again.


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